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Blue Ribbon, Inc. provides the single source for all of your real estate needs in Knoxville and the surrounding counties.  For more than two hundred years, a blue ribbon has symbolized the best in any field. Let us prove to you we are the best in our field.
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Blue Ribbon Homes Quarterly Newsletter
Spring in East Tennessee means blooming Dogwoods, family outings to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and Little League Baseball. Read more in Blue Ribbon Homes Quarterly Newsletter "Matters of the Home."
Adopting Tomorrow's Standard Today
Adopting Tomorrow's Standard Today is one of the ways Blue Ribbon Homes is staying ahead of the curve in today's fast paced land development industry. Learn more about how Blue Ribbon Homes is accomplishing this goal.
Buying or Selling - Blue Ribbon Homes, a member of the Knoxville MLS, offers all of the benefits of a full service real estate brokerage.                             read more

- We specialize in understanding how growth is going to occur within a 50 mile radius of Knoxville . By limiting our activities to the Knoxville metro area, we can have a better understanding of those events that enable growth to occur.                                            
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- Blue Ribbon Homes offers a wide range of high quality rental properties. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to find the right property for you to call home.  
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Property Management
- A good property management company can help you save time, reduce stress, save you money and make things run smoothly while your property generates cash flow and increases in value.
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